Ways to pay in Japan introduces how to make a payment at Japanese shops. It makes your travel awesome to know the way of payment.

MINISTOP Payment Methods

Creditcard Accepted (Visa / Mastercard / JCB / American Express / Diners Club / DISCOVER / UnionPay)
Contactless payment Accepted (Visa)
Transportation E-Money Accepted (Suica / PASMO / manaca / SUGOCA / TOICA / nimoca / ICOCA)
Official Website(English) https://www.ministop.co.jp/in/en/

Ministop accepts contactless payment.

However, please note that only Visa is accepted for contactless payment.



Ministop is a convenience store chain. AEON, a major distributer, manages it as a business. The logo of Ministop is in the motif of house and wood. The colors of yellow, blue, and orange indicates the sky and orange in Southern California.

Ministop differentiates in that it has in-store eating space for customers. You can have foods that you purchase at Ministop.

It has great acceptance in soft-serve ice cream, which costs 220 yen. Japanese people associate the name of Ministop with soft-serve ice cream.

In the summer, you can have Japanese-style Halohalo, which costs 290 yen.There are much flavor like soybean flour with brown sugar syrup, coke, and lemon pop. In the winter, Ministop serves pudding parfait (298 yen).