Ways to pay in Japan introduces how to make a payment at Japanese shops. It makes your travel awesome to know the way of payment.

TSURUHA Drug Payment Methods

Creditcard Accepted (Visa / Mastercard / JCB / American Express / Diners Club / DISCOVER)
Contactless payment Accepted (Visa / Mastercard / JCB / American Express)
Transportation E-Money Accepted
Official Website(English) https://www.tsuruha.co.jp/en/


Various credit cards are accepted at Turuha Drug.

Contactless payment is also available.

However, if you just tell the clerk “credit card” and touch it, it will not respond. If you can emphasize the words “credit card” and “touch,” it will be easier to get the message across.

It will be smoother if you show them your credit card and make a gesture to touch the terminal.

If it is troublesome, tell the clerk that you want to use a credit card, and then insert it into the terminal for payment.

About TSURUHA Drug

Tsuruha Drug is a major drugstore chain.

It also operates brand-name stores such as Kusuri no Fukutaro.

Not only pharmaceuticals, but also daily necessities, beverages, and snacks are available.

Many private brands are also offered.